SBS Lightning Travel Charging kit PD 18W

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This SBS Lightning Travel Charging kit PD 18W is designed for Apple products. 

-Type-C cable
-European plug
-After 30 minutes of charging your device will already be at 70%
-1 meter long cable

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SBS Lightning Travel Charging kit PD 18W

This Lightning Travel Charging Kit is perfectly fit for quickly charging your Apple products with the two accessories that comes delivered with it!

This charger with an European plug is perfect for charging your iPhone, iPad and iPod. 

This is a Type-C charger and comes equipped with Power Delivery-technology in which you are able to charge your phone in no time! Your device will be charged for 70% in just 30 minutes, without being overheated. 

Comes equipped with a 1 meter cable. 

This charger comes delivered with a 1 meter long cable with a USB-Type-C connection which is able to charge your Apple device very quickly. Furthermore you can also use the cable to transfer data between different devices. 

EAN 8018417269271
Brand SBS Mobile
Color White
Cable length 1 m
Encuentre su conexión Lightning, USB-C