Sena UltraSlim iPhone 13 Pro Max black

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You can see from everything that this Sena Ultraslim is constructed from high-quality materials and a detailed finish. The case is also equipped with Italian Nappa Leather, to give your iPhone 13 Pro Max the luxurious look it deserves.

- Inside has a soft lining
- Protected against dirt and scratches
- Detailed finish
- Made from Italian Nappa Leather

Devices Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sena Ultraslim iPhone 13 Pro Max black

The iPhone 13 Pro Max UltraSlim case from the Sena brand is made of luxurious, high-quality Italian black nappa leather and has a luxurious appearance due to the use of these high-quality materials. The soft leather case is exactly tailored for your iPhone 13 Pro Max and therefore fits seamlessly.

A natural look

The new Sena classic version has even more character due to its unique finish. A design that is not smooth and without folds, but rather rough and with small irregularities. Back to the natural look of leather, as real leather used to look.

Use your iPhone without a case

The iPhone 13 Pro Max with such a beautiful finish and back of course you want to use without a case that hides all the details. The Sena UltraSlim Classic iPhone 13 Pro Max is intended for anyone who prefers to use their iPhone 13 Pro Max without a case. In addition, the UltraSlim Classic ensures that loose keys or other sharp objects do not have a chance to scratch the device when you are on the move.

Product SKU SFD499US-50R
EAN 0092636358655
Kind of case / bag Sleeve
Devices Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Brand Sena
Color Black
Material Leather