Tech21 Evo Play2 iPad Mini 4 (2015) blue

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The Tech21 Evo Play2 iPad Mini 4 (2015) blue has a comfortable handle that you can use to carry the iPad around or it can be used as a stand to comfortably watch your favourite TV show.

- 5ft/1.5m drop protection
- Thin and lightweight 
- Handle to carry the iPad around and for extra grip
- Tested to work perfectly with wireless connectivity
- Germ protection for a hygienically clean case

Devices Apple iPad Mini 4 (2015)

Tech21 Evo Play2 iPad Mini 4 (2015) blue

Protect your precious new iPad with this great and useful case from Tech21. While using this case, your iPad is protected from shocks and drops. While the improved grip from the handle offers extra security, the handle also acts as a sturdy stand offering multiple viewing angles.

Protects drop after drop

Easily prevent your iPad from getting damaged by using this case, because it has a drop protection of 1.5m. This case has a great feature, the rotational handle. You can easily carry around your iPad with this handle. This gives you a better grip and prevents the iPad from falling while you carry it around. 

Extra screen protection

Due to the raised edges of the case, your iPad is not only protected from the back but also from the front. You are ensured that the screen of your iPad is also protected if the iPad were to fall. Now you also don't have to worry about a surface scratching your screen when you place the iPad screen down somewhere.

Antimicrobial protection

This case has a built-in antimicrobial protection that helps keep the case clean. This is a great feature for if the primary user of the iPad is you child. Now you don't have to constantly worry about your child playing with a dirty iPad and you can focus more on the important things.

Product SKU T21-5967
EAN 5055517392549
Kind of case / bag Back case (achterkant)
Devices Apple iPad Mini 4 (2015)
Brand Tech21
Color Blue
Material Hard plastic (Polycarbonaat)