Tech21 Evo Play2 Pencil Holder Case iPad 9.7 inch (2017 / 2018) blue

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The Tech21 Evo Play2 Pencil Holder Case for the iPad 9.7 inch (2017 / 2018) is a multifunctional case that provides the necessary protection for your device. 

- Antimicrobial protection that repels dirt
- The case is characterized by its lightweight and thin layers
- Integrated handle and Apple Pencil Holder


Tech21 Evo Play2 Pencil Holder Case iPad 9.7 inch (2017 / 2018) blue

Proper protection is critical for your iPad. The Evo Play2 Pencil Holder Case from Tech21 will ward off potential damage due to the strong protection this case provides. It is a complete case that offers comfort in addition to protection. An example of this is the rotational handle that is integrated into the case. This provides the opportunity to easily pick up the device while it is still protected. This can be of great benefit if you have to move your iPad a lot during your work, or when children are playing with it. Safety is further enhanced by the high-quality grip, which feels strong and also makes it possible to put the case at different angles. Thanks to the integrated pencil holder, you always have your Apple stylus close for use. 

Product SKU T21-7647
EAN 5056234725832
Brand Tech21
Color Blue
Material Hard plastic (Polycarbonaat)