Twelve South Airfly

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The Twelve South Airfly is one of the most versatile solutions for wireless music listening and playback. At the touch of a button, the AirFly switches to Receive mode, allowing you to stream audio from any Bluetooth audio device to any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Airfly allows you to connect your wireless earphones to almost any device.

- Features a high-quality mini-jack connector
- Lasts up to 20 hours (charging via USB-C)
- Features a compact size for optimal transportation
- Features a transmit and receive mode
- Works with most wireless headphones and wireless earbuds

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Twelve South Airfly

Would you also love to watch romantic or exciting movies on the plane? It's made possible with the Twelve South Airfly. The AirFly is a small Bluetooth device that connects wirelessly to your AirPods (or any other wireless headphones) to listen to music from entertainment systems on airplanes, in fitness centers and any other place with a wired headphone jack. With ease, connect your headphones to the Airfly and plug them into a mini jack jack. It's that easy! Plus, AirFly stays charged for 20 hours.

Play your music wirelessly anywhere

In addition to listening to music, the Airfly also functions as a Bluetooth receiver. This allows you to stream music to your car, stereo or any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack via any Bluetooth audio device.

Note: The Twelve South Airfly connects only to devices with a working Mini-Jack jack

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