Twelve South BackPack 4 iMac 24 inch white

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The Twelve South BackPack 4 iMac 24 inch is a perfect solution to clean your desk from harddrives and USB-C hubs. The shelf is also a great way to display artwork. 

- Attaches to the back of 24” iMac stand
- Hides portable hard drives, USB-C hubs, and other accessories
- Can be used as a display shelf for artwork

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Twelve South BackPack 4 iMac 24 inch white

The BackPack from Twelve South attaches to the back of your iMac stand. It offers space for things like backup hard drives an hubs. The Backpack comes with holes to keep the hubs and hard drives ventilated.

Clean up your workspace

The included band lets you strap gear to the top and bottom of Twelve Souths Backpack. Do you have colleagues who always look at the back of your iMac? Put some artwork on the Twelve South Backpack and improve the look of your workspace.

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Brand Twelve South
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