Wahoo Fitness TICKR X (2020) Heart Rate Monitor

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The Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Motion and Memory heart rate monitor takes you and your workout to the next level. The simple and convenient operation of the TICKR X provides you with a worthy heart rate monitor for all your sporting activities. This new and improved version of the Wahoo Fitness TICKR X is the most compact and lightest on the market. The TICKR X includes a flash memory that can store up to 50 hours of data from your workout(s), and you can do it all without carrying a smartphone! You can now train smartphone-free and synchronise your data at a later time. This version also includes an integrated heart rate sensor and a new chest strap for an even better exercise experience!

TICKR X Specs and features:

- Training without your smartphone thanks to built-in flash memory
- Bluetooth 4.0 (up to three connections simultaneously!)
- Train with both TICKR X and your smartwatch with ANT+ Running Dynamics
- Connect to your favorite training app, smartwatch and bike computer
- Always connected with the two LED lights!
- 3-axis accelerometer

Product size: 6,3 x 1 x 3 cm
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Wahoo Fitness TICKR X (2020) Heart Rate Monitor

Start the new way of training now! With the TICKR X you can optimize your training easily through the data and analysis in the Wahoo App. A complete range of functionalities make the TICKR X the most complete heart rate monitor on the market. 

Insight into your entire training

The built-in 3-axis accelerometer measures a variety of movements during training. The meter provides insight into your (running) technique divided into the following categories:
- Stride frequency (steps per minute) / pedal frequency (indoor cycling)
- Ground contact time
- Vertical obscuration (how high the foot rises during running)

Based on the above categories, the TICKR X assigns a score that indicates how well you have run/cycled. With this information, you can optimise your training to achieve even better results.

Suitable for any training

Are you a runner? Or do you cycle regularly? Then the TICKR X is the ideal heart rate monitor for you! The heart rate monitor is suitable for many sports in which cardio and/or strength are the main focus. New to this version of the TICKR X and unique for a heart rate monitor in this category is that the meter can be used for many more sports! Think of football, swimming, hockey and many more. Even exercises such as push-ups, jumping jacks and squats can be measured with the TICKR X. For this purpose Wahoo Fitness has developed the TICKR X Workout app (iOS & Android) with which you can start an individual strength training session or a 7-minute workout. 

Smartphone-free training

An absolute improvement over its predecessors is the expanded flash memory of no less than 50 hours! This means you have virtually no worries about the memory capacity of your TICKR X. You can also train without your smartphone and synchronise the data later.

More connected than ever

The new and improved TICKR X can connect to up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth! The heart rate monitor can also be connected to the most popular workout apps, including Zwift, Runkeeper and MapMyRun.

Specifications / Compatibility

- The chest strap is adjustable in length from 58 - 122 cm
- Works with Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ with smartphone, GPS watch or bike computer
- Battery: Button cell (CR2032), lasts more than 500 active hours
- Sweatproof
- Water resistance: IPX7 (up to 1.5 metres)
- Weight: 48 grams including chest strap

The Wahoo TICKR X works with Apple devices running iOS11+ and Android devices running 4.3+ in combination with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer.

EAN 0853988006829
Brand Wahoo Fitness
Color White
Product size 6,3 x 1 x 3 cm