Whoosh Screen Shine Pro Refill Cartridges 2 Pack

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Additional product. This product requires Whoosh Screen Shine Pro 500ml Refillable Bottle V2.

The Whoosh Screen Shine Pro Refill Cartridges 2 Pack is a handy solution to keep your screens clean and bright. Using the refill screen cleaner is easy and ensures a spotless screen without streaks. This eco-friendly and alcohol-free formula is perfect for cleaning smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and more.

- 500 ml
- No toxic alcohol
- Ammonia free
- 100% safe for any screen
- Award winning product

Please note: the cleaning wipes are sold separately and are not included with this product

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Whoosh Screen Shine Pro Refill Cartridges 2 Pack

The Whoosh Screen Shine Pro Refill Cartridges 2 Pack is the perfect solution to keep your screens looking like new again. Designed specifically for use with the Whoosh Screen Shine Pro, this refill screen cleaner offers a convenient way to keep your screens clean and bright without the hassle of sprays and cloths.

Effortless and safe screen cleaning for every device

The Whoosh Screen Shine makes the task of cleaning your screen not only easier but also safer, ensuring a sparkling finish. Benefit from a cleaning power in each bottle, providing ample supply for your screen-cleaning needs.

100% safe for any screen; alcohol- and ammonia-free cleaning formula

Enjoy a cleaning solution that is alcohol-free, ensuring a safe and gentle cleaning process without any toxic residues. The Whoosh Screen Shine is formulated without ammonia, making it an ideal choice for cleang screens without the use of harsh chemicals. This award-winning product is 100% safe for any screen, offering a versatile solution for various electronic devices.

Whoosh Screen Shine, the award-winning screen cleaning product

Recognized for its excellence, Whoosh Screen Shine is an award-winning product, attesting to its effectiveness and quality. Elevate your screen-cleaning experience – the perfect blend of innovative technology and practical design for maintaining spotless screens across all your devices.

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