4iiii Innovations Inc. makes the heart of any road bike beat faster. Here you will find performance-oriented devices that offer you everything you need to make more effective use of your training. Whether you are a new cycling enthusiast or have been actively cycling for years, 4iiii devices can only benefit you. 4iiii works with the slogan Smarter. Faster. Safer. And who doesn't that appeal to? Track and measure your performance so you don't tire too quickly, follow prescribed training from coaches or training programs to maximize your training success, and share and analyze your data for rides and workouts.

Popular: 4iiii Precision's Left side Powermeter D. Ace 9100 170mm | 4iiii Precision's Left Powermeter XT M8000 170mm

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Frequently asked questions of 4iiii

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About 4iiii

4iiii (innovations) develops technologies for athletes and elite athletes. The products are designed to create more insight during light and intensive training. Because you have a better picture of your training you can improve your own performance easier and faster. Will you soon break your own record?

What is a power meter?

A power meter, also called power meter or wattage meter, records the number of watts that you pedal during your effort. This is the amount of energy you deliver while cycling. The power meter gives you a very complete overview of your training. Analysis of your power data shows exactly how your condition develops and when you peak. So you can prevent over- or undertraining. A power meter also gives you insight in your energy consumption during training or competition. So you can see exactly whether you have used too much energy or not. Did your training or race not go as planned? No good final sprint left? By properly analyzing your performance, you can see from the delivered force when you might have blown yourself up, so you can better distribute your energy during the next activity.

What are the biggest benefits of training with a power meter?

There are many benefits to using a power meter. Awareness and insight into your cycling performance plays an important role.

- You get a clear picture of your effort
- You can easily classify your training and race based on intensity
- You can clearly see how your condition is developing
- Your points of improvement become visible and measurable
- Over- or undertraining is prevented

Compatible apps with the 4iiii power meters

  • CateEye Cycling
  • Endomondo
  • Strava
  • Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker
  • TrainerRoad

4iiii power meters / power meters

4iiii is often praised for its advanced power meters. Not only do these power meters offer multiple measurement points, but they are also connectable to various cycling computers (see FAQ page, button at bottom). This is for performance-oriented cyclists and avid hobbyists.

4iiii Precision Power Meters

The 4III Precision Power Meter is a single-sided power meter with high accuracy. Take your training to the next level and see your performance improve. The power meter is delivered mounted on a crank arm which can then be attached to a crankset. Just a matter of swapping the left crank arm, connecting to the 4IIII app, connecting to a suitable bike computer and the power meter is ready to use.

Look at: 4iiii Precision Left Side Power Meter Ultegra 8000 170mm | 4iiii Precision Left Side Power Meter 105 R7000 175mm

4iiii Precision 3 Power Meters

The new 4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter is a big improvement over its predecessor. Through a power meter, you get a very accurate and reliable picture of the power that you deliver while cycling. In addition to power, the Precision 3 also accurately displays cadence. With a battery life of 800 hours, the Precision 3 lasts eight times longer than its predecessor. A stronger antenna also provides a better connection to your bike computer. The 4iiii Precision 3 is also a lot thinner. This prevents the sensor from sitting against your frame or rear tire.

Look at: 4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter RX810 GRX NDS 170mm | 4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter 105 FC-R7000 172.5mm

4iiii Precision Pro Power Meters

The 4iiii Precision Pro Power Meter is a total solution for cyclists who demand the maximum from their performance. The dual power meter (two-sided measurement) makes data extremely accurate. It even allows you to measure the difference between power in the left and right leg. Based on this, you can be almost certain that what is shown on your bike computer actually corresponds to your own efforts. The Precision Pro provides real-time power in watts, cadence data and is both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible. The Precision also stands out with its easy-to-reach button cell battery and online upgrades via both iOS and Android. The gearing allows for a chain to be attached directly to it.

Look at: 4iiii Precision Pro Power Meter FC-R8000 52-36T 170mm | 4iiii Precision Pro Power Meter 105 R7000 53-39T 172.5mm