4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter 105 FC-R7000 175mm

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Thanks to the 4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter, you create an overview of your cycling performance. The power meter is attached to the crankset and can be connected to the 4iiii app.

- Measures power and cadence
- Claimed accuracy of 99%
- Very simple mounting
- Can be paired via ANT+ and Bluetooth

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4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter 105 FC-R7000 175mm

The new 4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter is greatly improved over its predecessor. With a power meter you get a very accurate and reliable insight into the power you deliver while cycling. The power meter is delivered mounted on a crank arm that fits a Shimano 105 FC-R7000 crankset. Just swap the left crank arm, configure it with the 4IIII app, pair it with a suitable bike computer and your new training buddy is ready to go.

Power meter for cycling performance

Assembly is very easy and the power meter is virtually maintenance free. The power meter measures how much power is being delivered based on the deformation of the crank. In addition to power, the Precision 3 also accurately displays cadence. With a battery life of 800 hours, the Precision 3 lasts eight times longer than its predecessor. A stronger antenna also provides a better connection to your bike computer. The Precision 3 is also a lot thinner so the sensor will never rub against your frame or rear tire.

Third-generation power meter from 4iiii

In addition to these improvements, the Precision 3 retains its 99% accuracy and competitive price-performance ratio. The meter is equipped with all kinds of conveniences, such as the battery indication when the meter is just 15% empty. This will not happen quickly, however, since a full 2032 button cell battery lasts about 800 hours. In addition, the meter can be paired with the 4iiii App, bike computer or navigation using the ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Training tool for bike rides

Because you gain insight into your wattages, you can better track your intensity, allowing you to classify workouts by intensity. The wattages are tracked by a stretching band in the crank arm. The more this stretches during your rotation, the more wattages you deliver.

Features of the 4iiii Precision 3 Power Meter 105 FC-R7000 175mm

- Lightweight and compact wattage meter
- Highly accurate and reliable data
- Improved antenna for strong connection
- Mounted on the left crank arm of the Shimano 105 FC-R7000 crankset
- Accuracy of 1% by 3D Strain Gauge
- Battery notification at less than 15% battery
- Easy to install and maintain
- Smartphone compatibility via ANT+ and Bluetooth
- Can be combined with user-friendly 4iiii app
- Possibility to install new functions and updates
- Active temperature compensation
- Compatible with Zwift, TrainerRoad, SYSTM and more
- Battery life (CR 2032 button cell): 800+ hours
- Weight: 9 grams (separate power meter)

Note: there must be enough space between your frame and crank arm to use this power meter

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