Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 11 inch / Air (2020 / 2022) / Air 11 inch 2024 QWERTY UK Black

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With this Apple keyboard you can use a full keyboard with an integrated trackpad anywhere, so you can work smoothly anywhere you are. It goes great with the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 10.9-inch iPad Air. After use, you can fold the keyboard around your iPad so that your iPad is protected from the front and back.

- Floating design
- Built-in trackpad with Multi Touch support
- Backlit keys
- Extra USB-C port
- Key travel of 1 mm

Devices Apple iPad Air (2020 / 4th), Apple iPad Air (2022 / 5th), Apple iPad Air 11" (2024 / 1st), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2018 / 1st), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2020 / 2nd), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2021 / 3rd), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2022 / 4th), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2024 / 1st)

Regular Price: €399.00

Aanbieding prijs €299.00

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Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 11 inch /  Air 11 inch 2024 QWERTY UK Black

This Magic Keyboard for the Apple iPad Pro 11 inch or for the iPad Air 10.9 inch is perfect for anyone who needs a keyboard for their iPad. You place the iPad against the cover via the integrated magnets, this creates a beautiful illusion that your iPad is floating while your iPad is being charged at the same time. The keyboard has a thin design that can easily be folded into a cover. With this cover you protect your iPad Pro from front to back, so that you can take it with you everywhere you go. 

Keyboard with 1mm Key Travel

The Magic Keyboard is ideal for the iPad Pro 11 inch. You can type more comfortably than ever compared to typing on an iPad. This is because the keyboard has keys with a reliable scissor mechanism. The keys are full sized with backlight and most importantly, a 1mm key travel. The term ‘key travel’ represents the distance the key must travel to hit the bottom when pressed. A short key travel provides light keystrokes. This ensures that the cover is nice and thin and fits easily in your bag.  

iPad cover with integrated trackpad 

The Apple keyboard also has an integrated trackpad that allows you to work in iPadOS in a completely different way. With this integrated trackpad you can work with a cursor in iPadOS. This trackpad is designed for Multi-Touch gestures, which means that you can easily click, smart zoom, scroll, zoom in and out and rotate etc. This means that you don't really need a separate mouse. Now you can also leave these at home and still be able to work everywhere. 

Charge iPad with USB-C

On the side of the keyboard cover is a USB-C port. This USB-C port is specifically for charging the iPad Pro, which is ideal because the port of the iPad Pro itself will always be available for other accessories. This way you can easily continue working while charging your iPad. You click your iPad Pro magnetically in place and then easily and effortlessly place it in the perfect viewing angle. 

iPad cover with an UK QWERTY keyboard layout

This keyboard has an UK layout, see the last photo. This means that the keyboard has a QWERTY key combination with a vertical enter. Furthermore, this layout is exactly the same as the Dutch layout except for the '€' at the '2-key', it has an '@' instead. Do you want to know all the differences between the keyboards and which one suits you best? Then read this blog! 

Change the settings of your trackpad (see picture 8)

The Apple Magic Keyboard comes with the possibility to change the way you use the trackpad. In the settings of your iPad you can choose whether you prefer to click by touch or truly pressing. In picture 8 you can see where to find these settings.

System Requirements

11-inch iPad Pro or iPad Air with iPadOS 14.5 or later.

Not sure which iPad you have, check out this page ‘Which iPad do I have’ to find out if your iPad is compatible with this Magic Keyboard. 

Product SKU MXQT2B/A
EAN 0190199599635
Kind of case / bag Magic Keyboard
Devices Apple iPad Air (2020 / 4th), Apple iPad Air (2022 / 5th), Apple iPad Air 11" (2024 / 1st), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2018 / 1st), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2020 / 2nd), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2021 / 3rd), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2022 / 4th), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2024 / 1st)
Brand Apple
Color Black
Inch size 11 inch
Encuentre su conexión USB-C
Keyboard layout QWERTY, QWERTY UK