Apple Wired Keyboard USB Numeric Keypad QWERTY White

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This Apple Wired Keyboard USB with Numeric Keypad works perfectly on your Mac or computer. Connect the keyboard via the USB-A cable and it works instantly. Because of the wired connection, you are not dependent on a battery / power supply

- QWERTY keyboard layout
- Wired keyboard (USB-A)
- Scissor mechanism
- Including two built-in USB-A ports

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Apple Wired Keyboard USB Numeric Keypad QWERTY White

Apple keyboards are made to work seamlessly with the MacOS operating system. The design, materials and layout are equal to the high-end Apple standard. This Apple keyboard is equipped with a numeric section and comes with all the function keys that the Macbook also has. Think of volume, brightness of the screen and your iTunes music player.

Wired keyboard
A big advantage of wired keyboards is that you are not dependent on a battery / power supply. That way, your work will never be interrupted by an empty keyboard.

Keyboard with Nordic QWERTY layout
The order of the keys on a keyboard can differ by country. This keyboard comes with a QWERTY layout

Keyboard with numeric keypad
The integrated numeric keypad makes it easier than ever to enter numbers quickly. Do you want to know the difference between different keyboards. Read this blog about: What is the difference between Qwerty, Qwerty NL, Azerty and Qwertz?

Note: This keyboard does not have a finger scan!

Product SKU MB110Z/B
EAN 0885909512058
Brand Apple
Color White
Keyboard layout QWERTY