AUKEY® combines the latest technology with over a decade of hardware-knowhow. This enables them to develop and build robust and reliable electronic devices and accessories for mobile technology. AUKEY consists of a team of technology enthusiasts who work with love for detail and interest in the highest quality. AUKEY regularly introduces new gadgets, accessories and supplies that are constantly adapting to the digital age!

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Modern accessories with the latest features - from power supply to wireless charging

USB-C charger: Power Delivery

USB Power Delivery (PD) is a universal fast charging standard supported by multiple devices, from smartphones to laptops. We have discussed the unique features of the USB-PD in the product descriptions of the PD-compatible chargers and in this brief introduction. It's an exciting technology, but until now, most multi-port PD chargers have had one major drawback.

While a PD charger can perform impressively, the reality is that power must be shared across all ports, even if only one is being used. For example, a PD charger with two 30W ports (with a PD port and a 12W USB-A port) can only charge your device up to a maximum of 18W, meaning the full potential of the charger is wasted. A 30W charger of this type is actually more like two fully independent chargers. The two ports cannot combine their outputs and charge one device with 30W.

This is where AUKEY Dynamic Detect comes into play. Thanks to a specially developed chip, the charger can determine the number of connections used and the required power of the connected devices. With only one device connected, the chip can direct all available power to that individual port, fully taking advantage of the charger's potential. When several devices are connected, the power is distributed in such a way that optimal charging is guaranteed.

Choosen by our product specialists: Car charger with USB-C connection

Now more than ever, people rely on smartphones and it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without it. People who depend on their beloved smartphone can experience problems if the battery suddenly runs out. A fully charged battery can therefore be very important, especially when you use the smartphone as a navigation device or want to be sure that you can always reach someone by phone in case of an emergency. This is why Aukey has created its car chargers. They have been made as compact and small as possible, making them ideal for on the go. 

Qi-compatible wireless charging

In recent years, the Qi charging function has almost become the norm. More and more smartphones and other gadgets, such as AirPods, are equipped with this function. You just need to place your devices on the charging station and you can start charging without cables. This is of course also possible with the Aukey wireless chargers. All AUKEY wireless chargers use magnetic induction, which is currently the only way to charge modern smartphones wirelessly.

Magnetic induction consists of creating an electric field between coils, which are located both in the charger and in the device to be charged. The main advantage of this technique is the amount of power that is transferred. The current version of the Qi magnetic induction standard supports wireless charging up to 15W (several times faster than traditional USB charging) and this is sure to increase in the future. Samsung is expected to introduce 20W wireless chargers in the near future and a number of companies are already promoting the 30W and 40W standards. Magnetic induction can theoretically handle thousands of watts, so when it comes to charging speed, the limit is far from being reached.

This technology also has the advantage that it is already well adopted by manufacturers and is supported by more and more devices. Convincing others to adopt a particular technology is often the main obstacle. Almost all major electronic device manufacturers are very much in favor of the Qi standard and anyone can incorporate this type of wireless charging into their device at a low cost.

Choosed by our product specialists: Aukey wireless charging station

Wireless headphones - the alternative to AirPods

Everyone knows AirPods these days. But to many, both the price and the shape of the headphones may seem daunting. Anyone who couldn't handle the earbuds that came with their iPhones would certainly be reluctant to use AirPods. Also in this case Aukey has developed a practical solution and designed 2 different wireless headphones. 

Wireless headphones with noise canceling function

With the True Noise Canceling Bluetooth In-Ear, Aukey has combined everything you could want in a pair of headphones! From a small, compact size to a Bluetooth connection and noise reduction. These in-ears have it all! Discover the Aukey True Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth earplugs!