Where can I buy a gaming chair?

Where can I buy a gaming chair?

Are you a true gamer and prefer to spend all your time winning a game? Then it is important to have a good sitting posture and be as comfortable as possible. A gaming chair doesn't just have to be beautiful, it should also help you with your posture and support you where needed. This is also very important to SB Supply, which is why we sell the best gaming chairs so that you can win everything responsibly!

Our range:

Are you a gamer who sits for a long time behind the screen or just has short gaming sessions? At SB Supply we always have a gaming chair for you! With a wide assortment including the Danish top brand Gear4U you can choose from multiple series and colors. Are you looking for the ultimate gaming experience? Then check out the Gear4U Elite and Illuminated gaming chairs! If you are looking for a something even better, the brand Ranqer is highly recommended. Ranqer's gaming chairs offer optimal comfort for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk or gaming console. The chairs of Ranqer are inspired by the best chairs in the world, we have combined this inspiration to create comfortable and quality gaming chairs. With the Ranqer brand, you have a choice of both RGB or a normal gaming chair. You can also opt for a more office look with the Ranqer Office.


Gear4U is a top brand among gaming chairs. The Scandinavian brand is known for its high-quality gaming chairs and creating an extremely comfortable gaming experience. In the gaming category, this is an absolute top seller recommended by multiple gamers. Gear4U has several models, available in different colors. For example, Gear4U has the Gear4U Elite chairs, these chairs are of high quality where you can spend long hours of gaming without hurting your body and thus get the best gaming performance. Below you can see some of the Gear4U Elite colors, of course there are more models.


Ranqer's gaming chairs are characterized by comfort and unparalleled quality. At Ranqer, they know the importance of a good office chair for gaming. When you spend long hours behind the screen, poor posture can harm your health and reduce your focus on the game. With the Ranqer gaming chairs, you choose the very best. The special features of the Ranqer gaming chairs let you achieve unprecedented performance. Create a showpiece of a gaming setup and steal the show on your own Twitch stream.

RGB / LED lighting gaming chairs

It is wildly popular in the gaming industry: RGB/LED lighting to attract all the attention during streaming sessions. As a result, most gaming products now include RGB lighting. Chassis, memory, motherboards, graphics cards, keyboards, mice and even hard drives. And now there is a new accessory that joins this lighting trend: RGB / LED gaming chairs! An RGB gaming chair can really take your setup to the next level. At SB Supply we have a wide range of RGB gaming chairs, for example we have the Ranqer Halo Fabric RGB gaming chair, this high quality gaming chair from Ranqer with RGB lighting is a gaming chair that provides a whole new gaming experience. Besides Ranqer we have other brands that have RGB gaming chairs. The RGB/LED lighting chair from Fourze has dynamic RGB-lights which gives you bright and crisp light from your gaming chair, this gives the Fourze gaming chair a great look!


         Fourze Lightning gaming chair RGB black                            Ranqer Halo Fabric gaming chair Fabric RGB / LED grey

Gaming chairs for children

Besides the gaming chairs for our (young) adults, a gaming chair for children can of course not be missing from our assortment. Therefore, we at SB Supply have done some research into which gaming chairs are of good quality and provide a good seating position for children. During this search, the chairs from Gear4U and from Fourze came out as best. The chairs are specially designed for children in terms of size and support, so you can have your child sit responsibly at a young age. Chairs for children are also available in RGB, of course.

Junior Hero gaming chair Gear4U              Junior RGB gaming chair Gear4U                     Junior RGB gaming chair Fourze

SB Supply Tip: Especially for children and adolescents, extra attention should be paid to their sitting posture. For someone who is still growing, incorrect sitting posture can have serious consequences.

Why buy a gaming chair from SB Supply?

SB Supply guarantees the best quality and price. Also, SB Supply's gaming chairs are well tested for quality and price, so we can offer our customers the best gaming chairs. Is there something wrong with your product or delivery? No problem, you can easily contact us, our customer service is available on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30 and on Fridays until 17:00. Find our return policy here: Returns. We also stand for honesty and transparency at SB Supply, so we have several certifications such as Trusted Shops. SB Supply is a Trusted Shops certified online store. We therefore meet all the quality criteria of Trusted Shops. In addition, we offer Trusted Shops Buyer Protection, which insures you in case of non-delivery or non-refund up to a maximum of €20,000. You can also pay super easy with e.g. Ideal, Apple Pay, Paypal, as well as Klarna.

Watch the trailer of the Ranqer gaming chair below:

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