Catalyst Standing Airpods Case black

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The Catalyst Standing Airpods Case black is the ultimate case for your AirPods charging case. This stylish case for the AirPods fits your AirPods charging case like a glove. A high gloss surface is added to the inside of this case for extra grip. This ensures that the case holds your AirPods firmly, so they never come loose! Furthermore, the case is designed so that you can put it upright.

- Compatible with wireless / QI charging
- Stands upright on any flat surface
- Made of premium durable silicone
- Dimensions: 47.2 x 56.4 x 23.7 millimeters

Devices Apple AirPods 1 (2017), Apple AirPods 2 (2019)

Catalyst Standing AirPods Case black

The Catalyst Airpods Standing Case is a sturdy protective case made of silicone. The bottom is flattened to ensure that the charging case and AirPods can be placed upright. The protective case protects the AirPods from scratches, dirt and bumps as well as from falls from a height of up to 1.2 meters.

Store your AirPods case safely anywhere

The protective case is kept in simple black and fits perfectly on any desk or nightstand as well as in any pocket. Both access to the Lightning connector and the Bluetooth button on the AirPods are guaranteed with the case. The case is also compatible with wireless charging.

Standing ovation for this AirPods beschem case

Display your beloved AirPods with pride. Thanks to its unique design, you can place the case for the AirPods charging case on any flat surface in an upright position. This means you can now finally put your AirPods on your desk in a standing position!

EAN 4897041795615
Kind of case / bag Extreme bescherming
Devices Apple AirPods 1 (2017), Apple AirPods 2 (2019)
Brand Catalyst
Color Black
Material Silicone