When you think of Catalyst, you automatically think of waterproof cases, Catalyst's signature product and the quality that made them a market leader. And with waterproof, we really mean fully waterproof. The Catalyst case has a unique design that makes it waterproof to a depth of 2 metres and over IP-68, the highest "international protection" rating. Catalyst has partnered with Griffin and Apple so that quality is always guaranteed. Enjoy your adventures with the Catalyst waterproof case!

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Waterproof iPhone and iPad cases from Catalyst

The cases from Catalyst strive to deliver protection of the highest levels. Where a normal phone case often only offers protection against bumps and drops, Catalyst goes further. So you can even use your iPhone in the most extreme weather conditions and environments. The installation of the case is quite simple and works with a click system.

Installation Catalyst waterproof case

The installation of the Catalyst waterproof case is unlike other waterproof cases. You just click the iPhone into the front of the case - click the back into the case and close the closure at the bottom of the case. Always use a water test before installation and follow the instructions!

What does Catalyst protect my iPhone against?

Water: The Catalyst case has a unique design that makes it waterproof to a depth of 2 meters. With IP-68, the highest "international protection" rating.
Sand: The Catalyst case is permanently sealing your smartphone against exposure to mud, sand, gravel, dust and without restrictions on the use of your smartphone.
Shocks: The Catalyst case is designed to withstand a high degree of shock and this protection has been tested to military specifications MIL-STD-810G.

Do I need a waterproof case for my iPhone?

At first it may seem unnecessary, because all new iPhones are waterproof, right? In fact, all iPhones (from the iPhone 7 upwards) are protected against permanent immersion up to a depth of 1 meter, so walking in the rain with your iPhone should not be a problem. Remember, this is more like splash proof. But do you want to go deep sea diving with your iPhone and shoot the most amazing images? Then you really do need a waterproof case.

Will Apple cover water damage to my iPhone?

Apple will never cover water damage to your iPhone. There is a special label on the inside of your iPhone. When it gets wet your warranty is immediately void. With the Catalyst waterproof cases, your iPhone is protected up to 2 meters against water damage. Have you already made a selfie with exotic fish?

Case for protection against dust, sand & dirt (for the construction industry)

The cases of Catalyst permanentely seals your iPhone against exposure to mud, sand, gravel, and dust. Especially in professions that work in dusty / dirty environments, full protection is extremely important. Dust is just as harmful as liquids and can significantly reduce the life of your iPhone. Although our smartphones are becoming more advanced, they are not designed for the harsh life on construction sites. Drops, wetness, blows, dust and grit are aspects of construction that the smartphone cannot withstand without the necessary protection. Catalyst cases are completely dustproof and let you use your iPhone without any restrictions. No other case offers protection like this.

Can an iPhone survive in the snow?

Your phone is crucial during winter sports. You can use it to take pictures, to make sure you don't get lost and of course to reach someone in case of emergency. However, during a hike or a ski descent, you may lose your phone it in the snow. It could happen to any of us. You'd think the iPhone 7 and up would be able to withstand a little snow. In principle, of course, it's just water. However, snow contains high levels of minerals and other substances that can harm your phone. This can lead to corrosion in the iPhone, making it unusable. So always choose a waterproof case to ensure full protection in the snow. It is also important to keep your iPhone warm during the cold winter days. A smartphone is not resistant to extremely low temperatures.

The overview below shows the consequences of low temperatures.

At -10 degrees, your smartphone will run empty faster.
At -20 degrees, your smartphone will switch off.
At -30 degrees, your smartphone will experience battery and LCD problems.
At -40 degrees or even lower, your smartphone will no longer work.

Extreme iPhone protection against shock & impact

The Catalyst case is designed to withstand a high degree of shock. To guarantee this protection, the case is tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G). Catalyst cases can even have the lowest breakage rate in the market! This means that your iPhone is protected at all times, even if you drop it on a concrete surface (up to a height of two meters).

Are my Airpods (Pro) waterproof?

Your Airpods are still in your trouser pocket and accidentally go into the washing machine, or you walk outside during a heavy rainfall and your Airpods get wet. It happens to the best of us. But unfortunately, your Apple wireless earphones may not have survived. The Airpods (Pro) are not waterproof or even splashproof. Especially at the openings of the Airpods you have to be careful that no moisture gets in.

Make your Airpods (Pro) waterproof

With Catalyst's waterproof cases, even your Airpods (Pro) are completely waterproof and protected against bumps and drops. Please note that these only protect your Airpods when they are inside the case, not during use.

Tablet cases for medical environments

Tablets are indispensable in hospitals / clinics and in the care sector these days. They can be used for more efficient and faster care handling and take some of the pressure off healthcare staff. A technological marvel that eliminates the need for paper, reducing costs and providing instant access to the most important data on the spot. With Catalyst's cases, your devices are protected from dust, water, and other liquids. So you can focus on what really matters: your patients.

Features of Catalyst cases

- A thin waterproof case (11.4 mm) that provides optimal protection for your smartphone
- Resistant to rain, snow, sand and mud
- Ultimate ease of use: the iPhone can be easily inserted and removed
- Protected against drops (up to 2 metres) and shocks
- Waterproof to a depth of 5 metres (IP68 classified)