Catalyst waterproof Case iPhone 6(S) Plus White

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Finding the best protection for your iPhone 6(S) Plus is not always easy, but the black Catalyst iPhone 6(S) Plus waterproof case changes all that. The high quality waterproof cases from Catalyst offer everyday protection, even during bizarre weather conditions. The iPhone is protected against rain, snow, sand and mud, so the device can always be used anywhere.

The black Catalyst iPhone 6(S) Plus  is the ultimate case for the iPhone 6(S) Plus. The iPhone 6(S) Plus waterproof case of Catalyst contains unlike other waterproof cases ultimate ease of use, the iPhone can easily be inserted and removed. The front and back are fully transparent. You can also continue to use FaceID when your iPhone is in the case.


Devices Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6S Plus
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Catalyst waterproof Case iPhone 6(S) Plus White

Installing the Catalyst Rugged waterproof case for the iPhone is easy, unlike other waterproof cases. You just snap the iPhone into the front of the case - snap the back into the case and close the closure at the bottom of the case. 

Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 6(S) Plus

The Catalyst Rugged Waterproof case has a unique design which makes the case waterproof to a nominal depth of 10 metres (33ft) of over IP-68, the highest "international protection" rating. With the Catalyst case, you can leave the clunky underwater camera at home. Of course, the case can also be used in the snow.

Sandproof iPhone 6(S) Plus

The Catalyst case is continuous and permanent in sealing your iPhone against exposure to mud, sand, gravel, dust and without restrictions on the use of your iPhone. No other case offers this level of protection.

Shockrpoof iPhone 6(S) Plus

The Catalyst case is designed to withstand powerfull shocks and this protection has been tested to military specifications MIL-STD-810G. This means that it protects the iPhone at all times, even if you drop your iPhone to a height of two metres on a concrete surface.


- Thinnest waterproof case ever!
- Resistant to rain, snow, sand and mud.
- Ultimate ease of use: iPhone can be easily inserted and removed
- Waxed against drops (up to 2 metres) and impacts.
- Waterproof to a depth of 10 metres (IP68 classified).
- The case is slim, stylish and functional.

11,4 mm x 150,4 mm x 77 mm 

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Kind of case / bag Back case (achterkant), Extreme bescherming, Waterproof
Devices Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6S Plus
Brand Catalyst
Color White