Dynamic All Round Grease 150g

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The Dynamic All Round Grease 150g offers excellent protection against dirt and moisture. It also ensures less friction and wear between parts. Due to its lubricating and protective effect, Dynamic All-round grease is suitable both as an assembly paste and as a bearing grease.

- Protection against dirt and moisture
- Reduces friction and wear
- Use on carbon parts


Dynamic All Round Grease 150g

Installing and maintaining parts on your mountain bike or racing bike always involves a lot of grease. You use the Dynamic All Round Grease to protect the bicycle against moisture and dirt. In addition, it reduces friction and wear between parts and prevents creaking noises. This mounting grease is suitable for mounting seatposts, pedals, handlebars, etc. but can also be used as bearing grease.

Protective grease for mounting all sorts of bike parts 

If you'd rather not have different types of grease lying around, the All Round Grease is a great choice. The Dynamic All Round Grease is an affordable option for most jobs. If you are looking for a lubricant specifically for lubricating ball bearings, a bearing grease is more suitable. All Dynamic lubricants can be used on carbon frames.

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