Dynamic has been around for more than 30 years and focuses entirely on cyclists. From a bicycle maintenance set to brake cleaner and from chain oil to assembly paste. The maintenance products from Dynamic ensure a longer lifespan for your bicycle and a better bicycle ride. Looking for a maintenance product for a specific part or rather something that can clean the entire frame? No problem, take a look at our extensive range. Enjoy a smoother pedal stroke, a quieter drivetrain and the simple pleasure of feeling faster.

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Bike maintenance

If you are a fanatical cyclist, your bicycle is one of your most valuable possessions. Something you want to protect and maintain well. After all, you want to make sure your bike lasts for years. With the cleaning products, wax products and tools from Dynamic, you will prolong the life span of your bike and improve your cycling tours.

Cleaning your bike parts

Some bike parts require specific cleaning agents and products to avoid damage. Therefore, always be careful when choosing the right agents. Consider in advance which parts and types of material you want to treat.

Whole bike cleaning

Are you someone who prefers the big picture? Then choose a product that you can use on all parts of your bike.

About Dynamic

The Dynamic assortment can be divided into different product groups. The cleaning and protecting of the bicycle (parts) is central.

Clean (cleaning agents for bikes):

Dynamic's cleaning products offer cleaning for almost all parts of a bicycle. There is a cleaning product for every material, every component and every occasion. Whether it's your road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike or e-bike. With the Dynamic cleaning products you can clean your bike easier and quicker than ever. Defy any challenge and ride the roads that no one else has ever dared to take!

Lube (oils and waxes for bike chains):

Want your chain to run super smooth? Then use one of the chain oils or chain waxes from Dynamic. The importance of a supple chain is often underestimated. A well-lubricated chain is not only more durable, it also runs more efficiently. The right lubricant for your road or mountain bike reduces friction in the bike chain. This in turn ultimately ensures less wear. It also protects the chain from rust and corrosion.

The right lubricant protects the drivetrain from wear, corrosion and rust. Ultimately, this ensures that your bike will last longer and parts will need replacing less frequently. The type of lubricant you use depends on the environment in which you often cycle or will cycle. For example, choose a dry lubricant when riding in dry conditions. Does it often rain where you ride or do you ride in wet conditions? Then use Dynamic wet lube as lubricant. The all-round lubricant is the best choice in changing conditions.

Does an E-bike need a specific chain lubricant?

Yes, it does. After all, electric bikes are confronted with completely different conditions than bikes that are not powered by an electric motor. The E-bike specific chain lubricant from Dynamic can withstand these extreme conditions and protects against rust, corrosion, dirt and wear.

Assamble (tools and aid kits for bikes):

All of Dynamic's bicycle maintenance tools are specifically designed for use on bicycles. The right brushes, cloths and sponges make it a lot easier to give your bike a thorough cleaning. The different types of brushes and cleaning tools are designed to remove dirt from all the nooks and crannies of your bike. Because these tools are tailor-made, you avoid damaging your precious bike.

With the high quality microfibre cloths from Dynamic you can easily dry your bike after cleaning. Drying your bike after cleaning is important to avoid corrosion, rust and stains. You can also use a cleaning cloth for applying care products or a finishing spray.

Protect (protective equipment for bicycles):

Sensitive parts need bike-specific protection to ensure they stay in top shape. Protect products from Dynamic have been specially developed for bikes. You can therefore use them safely on paintwork, components and, for example, on carbon, titanium or aluminium surfaces. Cycling in intensive environments demands the most from your mountain bike, e-bike or gravel bike. After cleaning, the bike should therefore be protected from dirt, moisture and mud.

With the water and dirt resistant silicone spray Fabulous Finish it's easy to protect your frame and bike parts against all weather conditions. Especially if you want to treat parts made of leather, carbon or plastic it's wise to use this silicone based spray. The easy application of the spray means that you can also reach parts that are difficult to reach.

To coat your bike after cleaning, it is smart to use a protective wax. With this wax product, you can polish your bike and at the same time protect it from salt and sand, for example. In addition, Protective Wax also protects against corrosion and rust.