Dynamic Fork Grease MTB 150g


Dynamic Fork Grease MTB 150g is a bike grease specifically made for application on your mountain bike. The grease protects the bearings in your front fork exceptionally good against moisture and dirt, whilst also allowing for smooth steering. Dynamic Fork Grease reduces friction in your steering fork which lets you perform better than before. 

- 150 gr container
- Highly waterproof
- Protection against corrosion
- Smoothens your bearings
- Extremely low friction coefficient


Dynamic Fork Grease MTB 150g

Regular upkeep of your bike ensures the longest lifetime. In order to make your steering fork operate smoother, allowing you to perform even better, greasing your front fork every now and then is recommended. Dynamic Fork Grease MTB is specifically made for application on your mountain bike's steering fork. The grease reduces friction, making steering smoother, whilst it also prevents corrosion and closes off all your seals. 

Mountain bike fork grease with multiple purposes

This grease is designed specifically for mountain bikes, but application on other bikes or bike parts is also possible. You can also smear and seal off any openings on parts other than your steering fork. The grease is carbon safe and also free of lithium. 

Product SKU DY-055
EAN 4260068454559
Brand Dynamic Bike Care
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