Dynamic Bio Drivetrain Detox 500ml

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The Dynamic Bio Drivetrain Detox 500ml will keep your bicycle's driving parts clean and makes it run smoother than ever. With it's revolutionary, bio-friendly solution it is the ideal cleaning agent for every part of your drivetrain. Even the greasiest and dirtiest bike parts can be cleaned, which makes your bike run smoother and ensures a longer lifetime of your parts.

- 500 ml spray bottle
- Easy to use
- Eco-friendly
- Usable on any material


Dynamic Bio Drivetrain Detox 500ml

Dynamic's Drivetrain Detox is a cleaning solution especially made for your bicycle's drivetrain and its associated parts. Dirt, grease or oil remnants can clump together which may result in all sort of problems and lowers the performance of your drivetrain. Regular cleaning of your drivetrain is a simple yet effective solution that ensures an extended joy of riding your bike. 

Easy-to-use bike parts cleaner

The application of Dynamic Bio Drivetrain Detox is easy and straightforward. After spraying and cleaning, you can easily wash off the spray from your parts without damaging the environment. In fact, the Dynamic spray is the only one of its kind that is not required to have any warning signs since it is harmless to both human and nature. In order to clean your parts, rinse them with water first. Then use the spray in order to clean the parts thoroughly.  After letting it sit for 2-3 minutes, wipe off the cleanser with a cloth and rinse with water once again. Now enjoy your dirt-free chain and watch it shine like it is brandnew.

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