Dynamic E-Bike Lube 100ml

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The Dynamic E-Bike Lube 100ml is the chain oil that ensures that your E-bike chain continues to run smoothly all year round. This lube can withstand the extra large forces that come with these bikes.

- One apply good for 300 km of biking
- Low coefficient of friction
- Resistant to E-bike forces


Dynamic E-Bike Lube 100ml

A well-lubricated chain is quieter, smoother and wears less quickly. Dynamic has developed a special chain oil for e-bikes. This can withstand the extra large forces that come with these bikes. The E-bike lube has enormous pressure resistance. When you reapply the oil after every 300 km, your electric bicycle runs like a train. The E-Bike Lube can be used in all circumstances that you encounter on your e-bike. Winter, spring, summer and autumn is no problem for the lube and your chain!

E-bike chain protection lube

Dynamic E-bike lube is a high quality lubricant that makes sure the powerfull chain on your E-bike keeps running smoothly. This allows you to shift more smoothly. The premium formula protects the chain against water and rust. The oil simply creeps between all links of your chain.

Easy to apply lubricant on E-bike

For best results, use Dynamic E-bike lube after cleaning your bicycle chain with a chain cleaner. Then apply the oil drop by drop to the links of the chain and components.

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