Gaming chair with RGB / LED lighting

RGB / LED lighting systems have gained a significant popularity in the gaming industry as an essential component to attract attention with games and light and colour combinations. As a result, most gamer products now incorporate RGB lights. Chassis, memory, motherboards, graphics cards, keyboards, mouses and even hard drives. Now there is a new accessory that joins this lighting trend: RGB / LED gaming chairs! 

RGB / LED lighting on gaming chairs

There are several brands @ SB Supply  that have this RGB / LED lighting system in their gaming chairs. We will first discuss the LED / RGB gaming chairs from RanqerFourze, and Gear4U.

What is RGB?

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. These are the three primary colours of the additive colour system. With RGB lighting you can create millions of different light colours, all based on these three primary colours. RGB lighting is mainly reflected in LED lighting. By mixing colours and playing with the brightness of the lights, the colour palette is expanded.

The integrated RGB / LED lighting guarantees a completely new gaming experience. This integrated LED is visible around the seat and backrest. With an RGB gaming chair, your set-up is instantly transformed into a true light show. These LEDs have many different functions, you can choose from 6 basic colours and 30 different colour combinations. This is easy to do with the included remote control. With this remote control you can easily adjust the light to your favourite setting, or if you want the lights to be off for a while, you can easily turn them off.

In addition to the cool function of the RGB lighting, this chair is also of very high quality. These chairs provide the perfect support for long gaming sessions. These chairs are made of PU leather and have a thick foam layer for maximum comfort. In addition, you can adjust the backrest of the chair so that you are always in the perfect position.

View the range of RGB chairs from SB Supply here!

Ranqer Aura Gaming chair with RGB lighting Black

Ranqer Halo Gaming chair with RGB lighting Black

Ranqer Halo Gaming chair with RGB lighting White

Gaming chair with RGB / LED lighting Fourze

Gear4U Gaming Chair with RGB / LED lighting

Advantages of RGB / LED gaming chairs

There are many benefits to using gaming chairs with LED lighting and not just in terms of decoration and design. LED lamps have an advantage in terms of energy saving and low heat generation. The quality of the lighting they provide and the creation of personalized environments with a special touch of futurism and avant-garde. That is why the integration of these small lights in gamer chairs gives an original, different and HI-TECH atmosphere to your interior design.

Plus, if we move around the room with the lights off, we can see the chair so we don't bump into our own chair.

Accessory for RGB / LED gaming chairs

To fully enjoy your RGB gaming chair, we recommend using a power bank. The gaming chair can be connected to the power bank via USB-A cable, you can store the power bank in the pouch at the back of the gaming chair. This way you don't have to deal with annoying wires towards the socket or towards your PC and you can always move freely. Our suggestion is the Mophie Powerstation 10,000 mAh black.

What is the best external battery for my gaming chair?

You can use any power bank with USB-A connection with your RGB gaming chair. However, we strongly recommend that you take one of at least 5,000 mAh, otherwise you will have to charge the power bank too often. Here you can find the entire range of SB Supply power banks!

How do I assemble my gaming chair?

You assemble almost every gaming chair in the same way. Below you can find a manual for a Ranqer gaming chair. If you need another manual, please contact our customer service.

How do I fix a creaky office / gaming chair?

There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky chair. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with most gaming chairs after a few months or years. However, there are a few tips to avoid this. First of all, it is wise to tighten the screws as tight as possible, the tighter they are, the less quickly a chair will squeak. In addition, it is useful to re-tighten the screws every 3 to 4 months. After intensive use, the screws may have loosened slightly. If you want more tips to prevent cracking a gaming chair, read this blog!

Which wheels fit my gaming chair?

When choosing the right office chair or game chair, it is not only important to pay attention to the right size or the adjustable back and armrests. It is also important that you have the right chair wheels for your floor! Of course, the wheels of your chair should not damage your floor. There is a simple rule to follow: soft wheels are recommended for hard floors and hard wheels for soft floors. These wheels are therefore perfectly suitable for use on hard floors!

Which gaming chair is suitable for a tall person?

Gaming chairs for taller or heavier people are tricky, almost all gaming chairs you see streamers or YouTubers using, have dimensions and weight limits that don't suit everyone. But don't worry, there are some great gaming chairs for taller and heavier people that are even more comfortable! We have collected these for you on this page!