HerQs Pin Probe

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The HerQs Pin Probe is a meat thermometer that makes sure your piece of meat comes out of the bbq just right. Through an app, you can keep a close eye on everything.

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HerQs Pin Probe

Are you a big meat lover, and do you also like to put a good piece of meat on the BBQ? Then this is the accessory you need to prepare a tasty piece of meat. It is a completely wireless meat thermometer that gives you insight into the preparation via the herQs App. You can specify in advance which piece of meat you are preparing and then you can indicate how you want the cooking to be.


The herQs Pin comes standard with a charging case so you can easily wipe it down with a damp cloth after use and put it back in the charging case and it will quickly be ready for the next preparation.

herQs app

Through this app, you can predetermine how long your grilling time should be in order to get the best results. Of course, you can also set the times and temperature yourself if you prefer. This allows you to see good progress of your piece of meat.

Temperature range

Peak temperatures: 1-350°C / 33 - 572°F
Continuous temperatures: 1-250°C / 33 - 482°F

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