iPad 10.2 2019 / 2020 powerbanks

Always ready with our power banks

Avoid ending up with a dead iPad battery with our iPad 10.2 external batteries. When your iPad battery runs out during the day, you can always recharge it with external batteries from one of our top brands. Especially when you travel a lot, the external battery is a life-saving addition. The iPad Powerbanks are an ideal alternative to charging from a wall socket, with the added advantage that you can charge your iPad anytime, anywhere. Discover now our top brands such as Mophie and Belkin.

External batteries for iPad 10.2

If you've chosen an iPad 10.2, you've got a handy device with a nice big screen. Unfortunately, the larger screen means a shorter battery life - annoying when you are on the road. SB Supply offers the solution: an external battery to charge your iPad on the go!

Sounds good, but which one should I take?

It is difficult to say which Powerbank is suitable. It depends very much on how you want to use it. Therefore, please consider the following things:

  1. How long should the battery last? Is a little extra power enough for me to get through the day, or am I travelling and running out of power a lot?
  2. How heavy should the battery be? Do I want to be able to carry it in my handbag or can it be a few grams more? Important here: Unfortunately, more power usually means heavier (and more cumbersome) equipment.

What do the figures mean?

The unit of battery power is mAh (milliampere hours). In short: the more, the better. If you want to know how often the battery can recharge the device, just compare the battery performance of the devices.