iPad 10.2 2019 / 2020 security and lock cases

Theft-proof tablet stands, cases with lock and tablet locks

The iPad 10.2 is an expensive device and therefore you want to make sure that your iPad is always safe. Protect the iPad with a special security stand or lock case and prevent theft. This is very suitable in various situations where you have to leave your iPad unprotected, for example at fairs or in the hospitality industry. Are you curious about other accessories for the iPad 10.2? On SB Supply you will find cases, stands and other gadgets for your iPad 10.2.

How can I protect my iPad against theft?

Theft-proof tablet stands

The installation of this standr is simple but safe. It is very easy to install: the cable is attached to the back with a safety sticker that is so strong that it cannot be removed by human force. The sticker can be removed with a special treatment. The tablet holder with anti-theft system is suitable for anchoring on a table, for example. The security cable can also be passed through an opening in the holder, so that it can be attached to your tablet at the same time.    

Cases with a lock

The aXtion Bold MPS Case from Joy Factory offers a unique design with high-quality features. On the back of the case is a swivel handle, a universal stand and a tablet holder that protects against drops, bumps and scratches. The great thing about this case: the universal lock and the included security cable can be attached to the back!

Tabletop lock

These locks consist of two parts: a locking plate with an integrated security slot and a security lock (made of steel cable). The locking plate is attached to the device and is therefore protected against theft. The MacLock is used at many trade fairs to protect tablets and/or mobile phones against theft.