iPad Pro 12.9" security and lock cases

Get the best security with security stands, lock cases and tablet locks

The iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2015 / 2017 is an expensive iPad and is therefore unfortunately a very sensitive theft object. Protect your iPad Pro 12.9" against theft. We have several sleeves with locks or reliable lock combinations. With an iPad lock or iPad stand you can leave your device with peace of mind. Maclocks is a high quality and reliable brand when it comes to iPad security. Make the right choice and secure your iPad with a stand from Maclocks!

How can I protect my iPad?

Security Mode

Installing a security mode is quick and easy. You stick the self-adhesive sticker on the back of the iPad - and your device is protected! This sticker is extremely difficult to remove with normal force and can be removed again with a special treatment. The tablet stand with security cable is suitable to be anchored to a table, for example. In addition, the security cable can be pulled through the bottom of the tablet stand.

Tablet Lock

These locks consist of 2 parts: a lock plate with a built-in security slot and a security lock (steel cable) that connects to the lock plate. The lock plate is attached to the device and protects against theft. The MacLocks are used at many trade fairs to secure tablets and/or phones.

Tablet Dock Lock

With this universal dock, in addition to a safe stand, you also have the opportunity to be flexible with the device. The "Grab & Go" solution allows you to quickly grab the device by the handle if necessary. After use, you can safely lock it back into the stand when it is stationary. This makes the Dock Tablet Lock attractive for use at sale points, for example.