iPhone 11 Powerbanks

Never an empty battery again

Avoid ending up with a dead battery with the iPhone 11 powerbanks. With our external batteries, you can be reached wherever you are and that's a good feeling. The powerbanks are easy to carry and also have a stylish appearance. It is an ideal device to have: especially if you are on the road a lot and therefore out of reach of an outlet. Discover our Powerbanks here and choose the range that suits you best!

Our recommendation: the Powerbanks of the well-known quality brand Mophie!

Powerbanks a wireless chargers


With a powerbank you can charge your phone, even when there is no outlet nearby. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is on the go a lot. Powerbanks are available in different versions, so you have the possibility to decide which capacity you need. The sizes also vary, so it is important to know which size is most suitable for you. In general, the larger the Powerbank, the more capacity and power it has. 

Wireless chargers

Wireless charging is possible with all Qi-compatible devices and can therefore also be used with the iPhone 11! These charging stations work very simply: you place your mobile phone on the station and the device charges itself! It doesn't get any easier than that! But the simple charging process is not the only advantage of these devices, as they also give any desk or bedside table a modern and technically sophisticated look!