iPhone 12 Mini Power Bank

Which external battery should I choose for my iPhone 12 Mini?

At SB Supply, we have several solutions to the charging dilemma. One is an external battery, ideal for travel or extended use. With top brands like Mophie, we have a wide range of external batteries, some of which are even integrated into a phone case.

The external batteries vary in mAh. We recommend 20,000 mAh. What is mAh? The higher the mAh, the more capacity. However, there is a good chance that the higher the mAh, the heavier the powerbank. So think carefully about how much you need the powerbank. With 20,000 mAh you can charge your phone a few times.

Which external battery should I choose?

External battery

Ideal for travelling without worries! Powerbanks are essential during a long journey and ensure that you can carry on with your socials without worries. You also don't have to search endlessly for an outlet! Normally a powerbank will charge your smartphone several times, so you don't have to worry about the battery for the time being.

iPhone 12 Mini Case with Integrated Battery

Mophie is the choice for a case with integrated battery. Protect your phone in style with a full battery! As soon as it becomes available it will be featured on this page.

Wireless Charger iPhone 12 Mini

Mophie's latest cases even work wirelessly with Qi technology. The lightning port of your iPhone 12 Mini is therefore no longer used by the case, but is free for example earphones.