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Make the most of your new iPhone 12 Pro with our gadgets. Below you will find our wide range of gadgets that will make your daily life much easier! Check out our gadgets from top brands such as Mujjo, Wahoo fitness and Satechi. Gadgets help you with information about your health, but also with having fun! You can develop your personal skills even better with your iPhone 12 Pro in combination with gadgets. In short: our gadgets are the perfect addition to your iPhone 12 Pro !

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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves (S) zwart

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Nokia Home

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iHealth Align Glucose Meter BG1

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Essential Gadgets for your iPhone 12 Pro 

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Use your smartphone on the road, in the office and even on your bike! Everything is possible with the right gadgets. A car holder, bike holder and all kinds of health gadgets, SB Supply has it all. Make the use of your iPhone 12 Pro even more comfortable and safe with these gadgets.

GPS trackers from Invoxia

Afraid to lose your wallet, backpack or keys? With a GPS tracker from Invoxia, which you attach to the object to be tracked, you will never lose your belongings again! Super practical for valuables!