iPhone X / XS powerbanks

Always full power with our powerbanks

You want to avoid an empty battery? No problem with our iPhone X or XS battery cases or powerbanks. Look at one of our favourites by the brand Mophie: their Juice Pack is a case that includes a smart extra battery. With these battery cases you will always have full power, no matter if you are at home or on the road. The battery cases are easy to carry and have a stylish design. Discover them and similar products here:

If you use your iPhone X or XS very intensively, you might notice your battery draining faster in the long term. Therefore, if you traveling often and for a long time, whether it is business or private, you may end up with an empty battery. An important phone call scheduled and your battery is dying? Worst case scenario that is easily avoidable with these smart gadgets.

iPhone X / XS battery cases

You can charge your iPhone X (or XS) everywhere - even if there are no outlets there. The battery cases, batteries and power banks are all very compact and therefore easy to carry, so you will never be left with an empty battery. Furthermore, all battery cases for the iPhone X / XS are well designed and perfectly compatible with your iPhone X or XS, the camera, buttons and other connections thus also remain fully usable. In addition to providing a full battery, our iPhone X / XS battery cases protect your iPhone against damage, scratches, dust and dirt.