Litter-Robot 3 Fence black

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Additional product. This product requires Litter-Robot 3 Connect Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

The Litter-Robot 3 fence helps prevent your litter-kicking cat from making a mess.

Sloppy cats meet their match with the Litter-Robot 3 fence, which acts as a barrier to contain kicked-up litter and helps prevent those half-in, half-out messes. The fence snaps onto the entrance of the globe.

- Protects the entryway
- Simple to install (no tools required)
- Easy to clean
- Not compatible with Litter-Robot 4


Litter-Robot 3 fence 

Does your cat love the litter box like it's their own playground? Control the mess with a custom-made Litter-Robot 3 fence!

The Litter-Robot Fence 3 is the ideal solution for cats who love to romp in their litter box. With this cleverly designed fence, you'll keep litter pellets exactly where they belong - in the bin and not scattered across the floor.

Easy to Install

Installing the fence is a piece of cake. The fence clicks effortlessly onto the entrance of the sphere - no tools required. No fuss, no complicated steps, just hassle-free use.

How do you install the Litter-Robot fence?

Installation is simple: Hold the fence upright inside the sphere. Tilt the bottom of the fence toward you to align the back of the fence with the built-in kickguard on the sphere. Hold the wing ends of the fence inside the sphere as you rotate it downward. Gently pull forward and push down on the front of the fence to snap it over the edge of the sphere. Make sure the fence is level and that the three tabs along the outer edge of the fence are firmly attached over the edge.

The Litter-Robot Fence 3 puts an end to cat litter scattered everywhere. Your home stays tidy and you can enjoy a cleaner environment without compromising on style. Order today and discover a new world of litter box management!

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