Mobilize 2in1 Magnet Zipper Case iPhone 13 Pro black / snake

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The Mobilize 2in1 Magnet Wallet Zipper Case iPhone 13 Pro black / snake is one of the most versatile and multifunctional cases on the market. The case consists of 3 parts: a back case, wallet and integrated card holder.

- Wallet case with removable cover (magnetic)
- 3 compartments for important cards
- Wallet for keys or coins
- High-quality artificial leather
- Detachable wrist strap


Mobilize 2in1 Magnet Zipper Case iPhone 13 Pro black / snake

The Mobilize 2in1 magnet Wallet Zipper cases is a combination that you don't see often. In addition to the case consisting of a back case and wallet case, it also comes with an integrated wallet for coins or keys. The back case is attached to the wallet case via magnets. This can be very useful when using an autoholder (which works via magnets). The wallet on the front of the case has a sturdy zipper connection. In addition to the many functionalities, the stylish and detailed look is something that is typical for the Wallet Zipper cases from Mobilize. 

EAN 8718256959202
Kind of case / bag Folio case, Wallet case
Brand Mobilize
Color Black