Musthavz USB-A 2.0 to USB-C Nylon Cable 1m

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The Musthavz USB-A 2.0 to USB-C Nylon Cable 1m makes sure that you can connect a USB A port with a USB C connection . Computers and laptops are often equipped with USB-A ports. Modern devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones are often equipped with a newer USB port such as USB C. With USB C it is possible to exchange files and charge at high speeds, in addtion the connector is more compact.

- Braided nylon for extra strength and flexibility
- Suitable for charging, synchronizing and data transfer
- Ideal for devices with a USB-C connection


Musthavz USB-A 2.0 to USB-C Nylon Cable 1m

The Musthavz cable has a USB A and USB C connector, this means you can use the cable to charge phones, tablets and other devices with a USB C port. This high-quality nylon cable has been extensively tested and can withstand more bending than a normal cable. The nylon ensures that this charging cable has a long life time and is suitable for intensive use. The cable is made of braided nylon, which provides extra strength and stability. In addition, this cord can be used as a data cable. This way you can easily transfer all your photos, videos and other files to your computer or laptop with a USB A port.

Charge your devices and transfer data fast with this strong cable

This cable uses the USB 2.0 standard. This type can achieve speeds of up to 480 megabits per second. The cable is suitable for transferring data, charging devices or providing them with permanent power. USB 2.0 cables are almost always compatible with USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports, as long as the connection fits. The maximum speed remains the same, namely 480 Mbit/s.

EAN 8718858430468
Brand Musthavz
Color Grey
Cable length 1m