Musthavz USB-C 2.0 to USB-C Nylon Cable 1m


The Musthavz USB-C 2.0 to USB-C Nylon Cable 1m makes sure that you can fast charge your device with a USB-C connection. Modern devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones are often equipped with a newer USB port such as USB C. With USB C it is possible to exchange files and charge at high speeds, in addtion the connector is more compact.

- Braided nylon for extra strength and flexibility
- Suitable for charging, synchronizing and data transfer
- Ideal for devices with a USB-C connection


Musthavz USB-C 2.0 to USB-C Nylon Cable 1m

Thanks to the nylon USB-C cable you can charge your smartphone or tablet faster than ever. This cable has extra sturdy connectors and a nylon outside to make sure it withstands bending or folding, ensuring a longer lifetime.

Extra strong USB-C charger for fast charging

This cable has a USB-C connector and is therefore suitable for charging smartphones, tablets and other devices with USB-C. This type is symmetrical and therefore always fits in your device in one go. The cable has two USB-C connectors and is therefore suitable for connecting your device to a laptop with a USB-C port or a special USB-C charger. Because the cable works in two directions, you can connect the cable in any way.

EAN 8718858430475
Brand Musthavz
Color Grey