Nomad Base Station Pro

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The Nomad Base Station Pro offers a central charging station for all your wireless charging devices. Power them with this sleek and unique charging dock.

- Made of aluminum frame and genuine leather
- Charge up to four devices simultaneously
- LED charging indicator that automatically dims in the dark
- Premium look and feel

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Nomad Base Station Pro

The Nomad Base Station Pro ultimate wireless charger is the ultimate wireless charger for your iPhone and AirPods.

New wireless charging technology for Apple devices 

With previous wireless chargers, there was still a fixed place where you had to lay your phone, right above the coils. But that is a thing of the past with this Nomad Base Station Pro wireless charger. You can now put your phone in any possible place and you can start charging immediately. You can charge up to 3 devices at the same time on this mat. Thanks to the 18 coils in combination with the FreePower technology ensure that you can charge anywhere. Includes 30 Watt USB-C charger, USB-C cable and adapters for the whole world. You can charge up to 7.5 watts per device.

Apple charging station with style

Every detail is important. The Apple Watch Base Station Pro has been carefully designed for both appearance and performance. With a frame height of one centimeter and a sleek aluminum construction, Base Station Pro serves as the premium charging solution for any device.

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