Nomad Super Slim case iPhone 15 Pro frost white


Discover the ultimate protection for your iPhone 15 pro with the Nomad Super Slim Case in frost white. With its innovative design and durable materials, this case offers maximum protection without adding extra bulk. Go for style and functionality with the Nomad super slim case

Devices Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Stylish protection: Nomad Super Slim case for iPhone 15 Pro

Be ready to protect your iPhone 15 Pro with the Nomad Super Slim case in frost white. This case is designed with a perfect balance of style, durability and functionality, making it a must-have accessory for any IPhone user.

Phone case with slim and durable design

With its super slim design, the Nomad super slim case fits perfectly around your iPhone 15 Pro, keeping the device protective without adding extra bulk. You can enjoy the slim profile of your phone while still having the peace of mind that it is safe from scratches, bumps and everyday wear and tear.

Case for phone with robust protection

The case is made with high-quality materials such as durable polycarbonate and rubber, making it resistant to shocks and bumps. This means your IPhone 15 Pro remains protected even if it accidentally falls or bumps into something during daily use.

Phone case with convenient access to all functions

Thanks to precise cutouts, the Nomad Super Slim Case provides easy access to all ports, buttons and features of your IPhone 15 Pro, without hindering functionality. So you can still enjoy all your phone's functions without having to remove the case.

Case that is both stylish and functional

Opt for the combination of style, protection and functionality with the Nomad Super Slim Case in frost white for your IPhone 15 Pro. With its slim design and high-quality materials, this case offers the perfect solution to protect your valuable device from the challenges of everyday life.

Product SKU NM01665885
EAN 0856500016658
Kind of case / bag Back case (achterkant)
Devices Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Brand Nomad
Color White