Welcome to the world of Petlibro, where convenience meets care for your furry friends! Petlibro is a leading brand specializing in automatic food dispensers designed to make your life as a pet parent easier and your pets' lives happier.

At Petlibro, they understand the love and devotion you have for your pets. We know how important it is to ensure they receive the right amount of nutrition, even when you're away or busy with other responsibilities. That's why they've developed a range of innovative automatic food dispensers that simplify feeding routines, bringing peace of mind to both you and your beloved companions.

Technology for your pets

Join us on this delightful journey where technology and love for pets converge. Discover the convenience, reliability and peace of mind that Petlibro brings to your pets' feeding routines. Let us help you create a healthier, happier life for your pets, one automatic meal at a time.