Petlibro Capsule Replacement Filter (8 packs)

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The Petlibro Replacement Filter (8 Packs) is needed when you run out of filters for the Rainbow Fountain. As a result, the water is always properly filtered and there are no bacteria in the water.

- Healthy filtered water
- No bacteria
Suitable for the Petlibro Capsule Water Fountain


Petlibro replacement filter (8 packs)

By replacing the filters you keep the water clean and the chance of bacteria in the water is smaller. As a result, your cat will always have clean drinking water and this is good for your pet's health. Suitable for the Petlibro Capsule Water Fountain.

In the box:

- 8 pieces of replacement filters
- 8 pieces of replacement pre-filter sponge

Product SKU PL-FF002-92W
EAN 0619988626722
Brand Petlibro
Color White