Satechi Aluminum Stand iMac and Macbook Space gray

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Working on your MacBook may be pleasant, but it should also remain comfortable. With the Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand you can put your MacBook a bit higher, so you can work on it comfortably or store it away. You can also slide your keyboard underneath the stand, which is of course also usable for your external screen or iMac.

Product size: 4,3 cm x 21,1 cm x 40,1 cm
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Satechi Aluminum Stand iMac and Macbook Space gray

This Satechi display stand is made of anodized aluminum and therefore fits perfectly with the iMac. The stand can of course also be used with displays of other brands, and even lends itself perfectly to placing your MacBook or laptop on top.

Using an iMac stand like this has several advantages. To start with, a monitor stand ensures an ergonomic work posture, because the monitor is brought to eye level. In addition, an iMac stand saves space because your keyboard and mouse can easily be slid under the monitor.

Dimensions: 4.3 cm x 21.1 cm x 40.1 cm

EAN 0879961005702
Brand Satechi
Color Grey
Material Aluminium
Product size 4,3 cm x 21,1 cm x 40,1 cm