Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand Vertical Silver

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The Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand Vertical Silver is the ideal solution to save space on your desk, and keep your laptop safe from dirt or liquids. The stand also looks very elegant! Made of sturdy aluminum, the rack holds the laptop or tablet despite its weight, without tipping.

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Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand Vertical Silver

The Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand Vertical Silver provides the perfect solution for keeping the workstation clean and protecting the computer from leaking fluids. The stand not only stands upright and stable without touching the surface of the table, but also saves space on the work surface. Made of sturdy aluminum. Holds the laptop or tablet firmly, despite the weight of the notebook, without tipping. Rubbers on the leg of the stand guarantee extra stability and slip resistance.

Modern design makes it an elegant accessory to any workstation and the ideal complement to all Apple products.

The airy design of the aluminum body regulates airflow and protects electronic devices from overheating.

The stand can be used for all laptops and tablets with a depth of 1.27 to 3.175 cm.


- Practical universal display for laptops and tablets.
- The device is placed vertically without contact with the table surface
- Made of aluminum
- Rubbers on the legs for a secure position and as scratch protection for the table top
- Flexibly adapts to devices from 1.27 cm to 3.175 cm deep

EAN 0879961007096
Brand Satechi
Color Silver