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Black Friday is coming again this year and we have the best offers for you, including discounts on selected Wahoo products. From the Monday before Black Friday until Cyber Monday we have offers on these Wahoo products. For the perfect fitness equipment and gadgets you can get started with products such as: Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt, Wahoo ELEMENT Roam or Wahoo Fitness TICKR. All Wahoo products are made to help you during exercise with for example speed or lap time tracking and optimise your workout.

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Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer

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Black Friday with Wahoo fitness

Black Friday Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt and Wahoo ELEMNT Roam

Both devices look very similar but there are still a few differences between the two cycle computers. The Bolt is a lot smaller (55.8mm) and more compact and the Roam a lot larger (68.6mm). This has to do with the screens, because the Roam uses a Gorilla screen that is also used for smartphone screens. This screen is a lot more solid and is one of the bigger differences between the two bike computers. Another difference between the Roam and the Bolt is that the Roam has a colour glass while the Bolt has "monochrome" (one colour) glass.

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt / Wahoo ELELMNT Roam

Black Friday Casecentive silicone case

For extra protection of your Roam or Bolt, you can buy cases made by Casecentive. These cases are made of silicone to prevent scratches and bumps. The case comes with a screen protector. Perfect for when driving in the woods or on rough terrain.

Casecentive Wahoo ELEMNT Roam  / Casecentive Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt 

Black Friday Casecentive stem mount for Roam/Bolt

The perfect mount from Casecentive for Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt/Roam. This sturdy versatile mount is ideal for attaching your Wahoo to your bike in multiple ways. Not only is the voice mount made for holding your Bolt/Roam, the mount can also carry a light or GoPro underneath.

Casecentive stem mount for Wahoo ELEMNT Roam/Bolt