This is how you build your own home gym

Why a Home gym?

For many people, taking that step to go to the gym can be difficult. It may be that they feel like they are being watched or are comparing themselves to others, which is why a Home gym can be a perfect solution. For example, with a Home gym you do not have to travel all the way to the gym and you are the only one who can watch yourself. The argument people often give why they don't want a Home gym is that they find it too expensive, but that doesn't have to be the case at all, you can make it as inexpensive as you want which I'm going to show you in this blog!

Home gym equipment


With a Home gym you need to think carefully about what equipment you need for fitness. For a Home gym we recommend the Wahoo KICKR Core, this is a great piece of equipment that will help you build up your fitness wonderfully. If you want to really take your workout to the next level we recommend the Airofit PRO.This breathing trainer is one of the best on the market. The Airofit PRO allows you to track your breathing through an app so you can easily track your progression. When you combine these two devices, you are always guaranteed a great workout! The Airofit Pro is ideal for improving performance during such activities as swimming, cycling, running, golfing, CrossFit, obstacle course running and a triathlon. Because the Airofit only needs 5-10 minutes per day to use, this allows you to also train during a mid-season or during an injury (recovery).
To keep track of your phone while running or cycling can sometimes be inconvenient, which is why at SB Supply we have a wide range of sports bracelets/holders for your phone that allow you to easily keep your phone with you.


Strength training is good for your body for many reasons. It helps make your body more resistant to physically demanding situations. You can also grow a muscular body with strength training, so while you're feeling great you can also make yourself look good!

If you still want to do some more strength, the brand Bala might be for you. For example, Bala has a great curl bar with which you can perform many exercises, e.g., bicepcurl or you can put the bar on your neck to do walking lunges. The curl bar is available in two colors, pink and black. To train your abdominal muscles it is useful to have a device with ABS electrodes. For this the ABS Power Pack from Bluetens is a good option with more than 100 training programs for both building abdominal muscles, recovering and relaxing your abdominal muscles.
The Compex SP 6.0 wireless electrostimulator helps improve your performance during intensive workouts. Thanks to the Mi-scan function, electrostimulation sessions are automatically adapted to your body. The electrostimulator also offers additional programs for pain relief and recovery.

SB Supply Tip: Consider electrostimulation as a way to strengthen muscles. Many people have tried the Compex wireless electrostimulator and have liked it. Discover all their electrostimulators here.

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