Dynamic Two Prong Brush

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The Dynamic Two Prong Brush is specifically designed for removing dirt from the front and rear fork. The brush consists of two flexible brushes, which makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places.

- No hard-to-reach places anymore
- Two flexible brushes
- No damage on frame


Dynamic Two Prong Brush

Thanks to the Dynamic Two Prong Brush you can easily remove dirt from your front fork. This cleaning miracle is specifically designed for that. Thanks to the two flexible brushes, you can easily reach even the hard-to-reach places. Of course you can use this brush in more locations. Think of those difficult places that you may just not be able to reach with a traditional brush. The sturdy nylon bristles easily remove all dirt and do this of course without damaging your frame and parts. 

Product SKU DY-072
EAN 8720299066960
Brand Dynamic Bike Care
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