Google stands for convenience, including in your home. At SB Supply you will find all of Google's smart devices that contribute to comfort in every room. Here you will find the Google Chromecast, the Google Nest devices, Google Stadia controllers and the Google charger. Check out our collection here.

Want to know more about creating a smart home or do you need help installing the Google Chromecast or Google Nest devices? Then check out our blogs.

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Google Nest Audio Charcoal

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Google Nest Audio Chalk

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Do you also want to make your life a little easier? Then smart appliances are the ideal solution. With a smart home you can control your home easily and quickly from anywhere.

Google Assistant

Since 2016, Google has its own voice assistant called Google Assistant. This operating program supports voice commands, voice-controlled device operation and search queries. To activate the program you need to say the phrase "Hey Google". The voice assistant has many different features that provide the ultimate convenience in the home. Through Google Assistant you can control smart devices, have access to your calendar, directions, weather, news, music, timers, reminders and apps. You can also make appointments, send messages and have texts read to you. You can also control your lights and thermostat from a distance. Use Google Assistant in your car, at home and outside.

Google Nest

Together with Google Assistant, Nest devices form the basis of smart home control. There are many different types of Nest devices, but all have one thing in common: Comfort. Through the Nest devices you can easily perform the functions mentioned above. The Google Nest mini is ideal and compact to control your home. The Google Nest audio is ideal for playing music in one or more rooms. Do you have multiple Google devices? Then make use of the Google Nest Hub. This screen is the central point of your home.

Google Chromecast

Do you always want to stream your favorite movies and series? Then use the Google Chromecast. The media player is easy to connect to your smart TV.

Entertainment does not always have to be lavish. Sometimes you simply feel like sitting on the couch for an evening while watching your favorite movie. For this, the Google Chromecast is ideal. Connect the media player to your smart TV and stream endless series, movies and TV shows. Wondering what the easiest way is to install it? Then read our blog and learn all about this smart device.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is the latest streaming service from Google. With this program you can play a whole bunch of games on demand. All you need is a Google account, good internet connection and Stadia controller. These controllers are comfortable and create a lot of grip. In addition, the record button allows you to directly save video clips and screenshots. At SB Supply you will find different Stadia controllers such as the Stadia controller white, Premiere edition and also the Founders edition in midnight blue.