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Fast charging with USB-C for your MacBook

What could be better than a super-fast battery charge? With USB-C chargers this has become reality! Your MacBook battery has never been charged so fast. Be more productive than ever before, even on the go! We've got a wide range of USB-C chargers for home, work and the road. USB-C chargers are compatible with MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and even some Samsung devices! Check the product page to see for which devices they are suitable.

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Apple USB‑C Power Adapter 30W

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Super-fast charging with USB-C

Super-fast charging with USB-C

The new MacBooks, iPads and also iPhones are equipped with a USB-C connection.This allows you to charge and synchronise your device much faster than ever before! Why choose slow if you can do it fast in a relatively simple way? We have the best prices for USB-C chargers for MacBooks and iPhones for you. Take a look at our offer!

The latest of the latest: USB-C

For several years now, many technology experts have assumed that Apple would also make the move to USB-C. The time has finally come: the first iPhones with a USB-C connection have been released! MacBooks and iPads are already ahead of the iPhone in this aspect, as they have been equipped with the popular USB-C connection for several years and Apple has been able to guarantee customer satisfaction with its super-fast USB-C charging.

USB-C car charger - for on the go!

USB-C marks a new step in battery charging. And there's good news, because even in the car you can charge your devices via USB-C. Satechi is one of the first top brands to develop a USB-C car charger for iPhone, MacBook, iPad and Samsung. Click here to check out this USB-C car charger.