Razer is a global player when it comes to gaming and e-sports. Its wide range of products from gaming mice with RGB lighting to comfortable gaming chairs, helps gamers achieve better performance. The iconic black and green design is loved and praised by many gamers. 

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Razer TAROK ESSENTIALS Gaming Chair black

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Razer TAROK PRO Gaming Chair black

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Razer TAROK ULTIMATE Gaming Chair black

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Razer Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse black

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The gaming chairs from Razer

Razer's gaming chairs are known for their high quality, exclusive look and comfortable materials. Razer's gaming chairs are made to give full support to the body. Thanks to their different sizes and materials, the gaming chairs are suitable for all types of gamers.

Razer gaming chairs with extra padding

In order to deliver top performance behind the screen for a longer period of time, comfort is very important. A poor posture not only causes muscle pain after playing, but also takes your focus away from the game. Thanks to the reinforced base and more padding in the seat/back area of the gaming chairs, you play better than ever before. Enjoy more stability, comfort and better posture.

Swivel chairs for gaming and work

Razer's sleek design allows the gaming chairs to be used in multiple environments. Use it as a desk chair for the office or place it in your gaming setup. This way you can sit comfortably for hours behind the screen. Thanks to the various adjustable parts of the gaming chairs you can easily sit back and relax.

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Gaming mouse from Razer

The mouse is an important asset during gaming. You use it to make important maneuvers and decisions in your favorite game. The standard office mouses are simply not powerful enough to match your rapid movements. Razer's gaming mouse not only have the look and feel of professional gamers, but deliver top performance when you need it most. Thanks to programmable buttons and infrared switches, you can react even faster to certain actions in the game. So you're one step closer to victory.