Is my iPhone 15 waterproof?

11 Oct 2023 15:53:10

iphone 15 waterproof

Apple's iPhone 15 brings exciting new features and innovations to the table. While it boasts an impressive camera upgrade and runs on the latest iOS 16, many users wonder about its water and dust resistance. How well does this phone hold up in challenging conditions, and what can you expect from its IP rating?

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Posted in iPhone By Vanessa Lisiak

It's hard to imagine life without a smartphone. Whether in everyday life, for work or hobbies, we use our smartphones for everything. In order to be able to use the iPhone for years, it is important to know which dangers you should rather not expose your iPhone to. This is exactly where the question arises: Is my iPhone 12 actually waterproof? Or is it water-resistant? Where exactly the difference lies and whether you can take your iPhone 12 with you to the beach or even into the water, we have explained in this blog post! 

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Is my iPhone 14 waterproof?

5 Sep 2022 14:27:49

Apple's iPhone 14 comes with new and different features. For example, it has a better camera than its predecessors and has the latest IOS 16 on it, but is this phone also more resistant to water and dust, and how resistant is this phone really?

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Posted in iPhone By Ambar de Ruijter


Never lose your belongings again with the Apple Airtag. Apples new gadget means you'll never lose your most loved items again. What the Apple Airtag is and what it can do you can read in this blog!

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Posted in iPhone By Swen Heijstee


As the vacations begin, passengers traveling through airports around the world are plagued by baggage problems. From long delays in picking up luggage, to being asked to drop off the bags a day before the flight. These annoying situations often see luggage end up going missing. With tensions running high due to flight delays and cancellations, these problems exacerbate the stress that vacationers are already suffering from. Therefore, make sure that your suitcase with valuables can always be found with our compact trackers! 

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Apple's new software update, IOS 16 Beta, introduces plenty of new features and capabilities. The continuity camera is one of the features we will discuss in this blog. Do you want to learn more about the continuity camera and which accessories it requires? Then check out our Continuity camera blog right now!

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Posted in iPhone By Zeinab El Yazghi

What is a good screen protector and why do you really need to get one? Perhaps the most important question: how can I best apply the screen protector to my smartphone? In this blog we discuss it all.

A good screen protector for your smartphone is a must-have. It is one of the things you think of first after buying a smartphone, especially if it is expensive. Replacing or repairing a smartphone display costs a huge amount of money, sometimes almost as much as a new phone.

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Posted in iPhone By Angelina Percy

At SB Supply often hear this question from our customers, "Which smartphone case is the best?" Unfortunately, we don't have a standard answer to this question. In this blog post we have made an overview for you with the most important points to consider when buying a phone case. Are you still in doubt? Ask your question to our customer service! We are happy to help.

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iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone SE 2020

1 Apr 2022 12:52:41

Ahh, the new iPhone SE 2022 is finally here! Warmly received by all Apple fans and especially the fans of the first iPhone SE. In our blog post you can read all the details about the third generation of the IPhone SE. We will also compare how it differs from the iPhone SE 2020. What makes the iPhone SE 2022 so special? Read all about it below.

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Posted in iPhone By Luc Plagge
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