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Are you considering on investing in gaming equipment that professional esports players use on a daily basis? We've compiled a list of the best esports gaming products, from high quality streaming kits, gaming webcams, gaming headsets and more. SB Supply will be your go-to source for high-quality esport gaming gears.

Esport players need to have gaming gears that can help them feel more comfortable while also increasing the performance level. As esport player you need high end quality gaming gear that will help you game longer and more efficiently. As you've undoubtedly discovered, selecting the correct esport gaming gear can be difficult and exhausting. It's vital that your audience hears and sees you clearly, as well as that you feel comfortable while gaming. If you're having trouble deciding which esport gaming gears are the best then keep on reading the blog! 

Table of content

  1. High quality Streaming kits 
  2. Gaming chairs  
  3. Webcams 
  4. Gaming headsets 
  5. Gaming mouse  
  6. Gaming keyboards 

Streaming kits 

Steelplay Pro HD Streamers Pack 4 in 1 

The Steelplay Pro HD Streamers Pack 4 in 1 streaming kit  is ideal for esport gamers who are looking to get the full package in one go. The kit includes a webcam with a built-in LED light and can record with a Full HD revolution (1080 P). The webcam is compatible with Mac OS and Windows; A greenscreen The greenscreen lets you create virtual backgrounds or add special effects to your stream.green screen is a good way of upgrading your streaming experience without doing too much. The microphone attaches effortlessly to the tripod, which can then be connected to your smartphone through a 2-meter wire. The cable contains an XLR connector that changes to a 3.5 jack connector for easy connection to your device.  

Steelplay Pro HD Streamers Pack 4 in 1

Gear4U Streaming Mic with arm bundle  

Investing in high quality audio equipment is ideal for a esport gamer. When you're gaming, the viewers should be able to hear you at all times. The Gear4U Streaming Microphone has an audio frequency response up to 16,000 Hz allows you to speak clearly without background noise, and you can always talk to your friends or audience without being interrupted. Compared to gaming headphones, this microphone has excellent audio clarity. If you don't have a microphone to filter out undesirable noise frequency, speaking with your team members can be difficult if they cannot hear you properly.The microphone may be fastened to the desk with the thin, narrow metal scissor stand, ensuring that the microphone remains stable. 

Gear4U Streaming Mic with arm bundle

SBS Streaming kit  

The SBS Streaming kit is ideal if you are on a budget; its small compacted size makes it easy to move around and you can take it anywhere with you. This device is easy to set up anywhere and it has a built in LED light. The device can be controlled directly from your smartphone. Plus no worries, it includes a microphone so the viewers will always be able to hear you sharply.

SBS streaming kits

Gaming chairs  

An esport gamer will always need to be comfortable while gaming. Regular chairs that are not made for gaming can cause a lot of strain on the muscle after a long period of gaming. Maintaining good posture is essential and our gaming chairs provide just that. 

Ranqer Felix - Gaming chair -white / pink 

The Felix Gaming chair from Ranqer has various ergonomic features, such as a tilt mechanism for upright to downward positioning and height adjustment to make the gaming experience as comfortable as possible. The Ranqer Felix gaming chair is equipped with a longer backrest and a raised head cushion to help reduce strain in the neck and back. Included is a back and neck cushion that can be used to relax while you play games.   

Ranqer Felix - Gaming chair - white / pink

Fourze Cloud - Gaming chair - Fabric  

The Cloud Fabric Gaming Chair from Fourze is known for its maximum comfort and delivering ultimate performance with the combination of high-quality stitching and comfortable fabric the chair absorbs body heat at a slightly slower pace while offering a stylish and professional look. The extra padding prevents back pain and keeps your focus on the game. You can easily adjust it to your desired position and thanks to the strong gas lift, the chair can carry up to 150kg.  

Fourze Cloud - Gaming chair - Fabric

Razer TAROK ESSENTIALS Gaming Chair black 

The TAROK ESSENTIALS Gaming Chair black from Razer integrates high-quality PU leather all over the chair. The armrest is built to provide relief. Holding a controller for long periods of time might cause wrist strain. The armrests are adjustable and can be changed in three dimensions. Investing in a good chair also means investing in your health. 

Razer TAROK ESSENTIALS Gaming Chair black

Gaming webcams  

When you are watching a professional esport player, you can always see them clearly. Every move that they make is captured in milliseconds with high quality visuals. The quality of your webcam can break or make you. In the world of esport the first noticeable thing is that clear visualization is extremely important. 

Foscam w41 Full HD-webcam 2688 x 1520 4MP 

The Foscam W41 Full HD-webcam 2688 x 1520 4MP will not only make your stream visually appear clean, it allows your viewers to see your body language and facial expression in milliseconds. The webcam includes a built-in microphone that will reduce background noise and has an 84° wide-angle lens to capture all of your movements while you are gaming.   

Foscam W41 Full HD-webcam 2688 x 1520 4MP

Gear4u focus Full HD streaming webcam  

The Gear4u Focus Full HD Streaming Webcam records and streams everything in full sharp mode with resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels and a Frame-Per-Second (FPS) rate of 30. This webcam's built-in stereo microphones allow you to hear everything clearly, and with its 80-degree field of vision, 

Gear4U Focus Full HD streaming webcam

Aukey Full HD 1080p webcam 

The Aukey 1080p HD camera is ideal for recording online video games on devices such as Windows XP, Mac OS 10.7, and Android 4.0 or higher. The webcam can record images in 1080p 30fps resolution, ensuring that each recording is as effortless as possible.The webcam is easy to mount on your TV, computer, or even your desk. This will keep the webcam stable while you play.

Aukey Full HD 1080p Webcam

Gaming headsets

With a gaming headset the way you play will now be a new gaming experience. You can immediately feel and hear the difference when you put on a gaming headset. When an unexpected enemy appears in a game, you will always know.

Steelplay Wired Gaming Headset HP42 ice camo

The Steelplay Wired Gaming Headset HP42 ice camo brings a new perspective into gaming. The audio quality speaks for itself; with integrated stereo audio, the headphone will detect whether a noise is coming from the left or right side. This will assist you in detecting precisely where and when a noise is made, allowing you to locate your enemies more quickly and effortlessly.

Steelplay Wired Gaming Headset HP42 ice camo

Looking for a gaming headset with a noise canceling effect?

Check out our Fourze GH300 Gaming Headset black, which has a noise canceling effect to keep you focused on your game play with no distractions.

Fourze GH300 Gaming Headset black

Gaming mouse

You may be wondering what the difference is between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse. The primary difference is the DIP (Dot per inch) sensitivity registration, which allows the mouse to reach up to 4000 DPI compared to a standard mouse, which can only reach up to 1000 DPI. 

Fourze GM900 wireless gaming mouse black

The Fourze GM900 wireless gaming mouse black DPI measures sensitivity from 400 to 1000 for precision activities like in-game targeting, and the pointer speed may be changed instantaneously. Providing you with an unbeatable advantage in games. With the wireless and weightless features, moving the mouse in every direction has never been more effortless. 

Fourze GM900 wireless gaming mouse black

A gaming desk can also be a great addition to the gaming mouse and chair, the gaming desk has an integrated mouse pad all across the surface of the desk and this is convenient. If you are playing intently and want every movement of the mouse to register without missing a beat. Check out our gaming desk

Gaming keyboard 

Additionally, you can complete your set up by adding a keyboard to your list of gaming gears. Gaming keyboards are ideal for esport gamers. The game can become intense and subconsciously you can end up using the keyboard with a lot of force. A mechanical keyboard is a heavy duty keyboard that is specially built for gamers and it can withstand intense use. So your keyboard will last longer than ever.   

Essential for gamers as the mechanical keyboard can recognize when the key is pressed halfway. Lastly mechanical gaming keyboards are built to withstand intense use when in an intense game it's unpredictable what can happen; the keyboard can fall unexpectedly or you can hit the keys with great force due to the intensity of the game. This is why a mechanical gaming keyboard is a must have.  

Fourze GK60 RGM Mechanical Keyboard with no Numpad black

Fourze GK60 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard no Numpad black is wireless and compact, making it an amazing option for esports gamers! With no Numpad the keyboard has no numbers on it, Every key on a mechanical keyboard has its own switch that registers every stroke. These switches last longer, provide more control and feel, and respond faster than a membrane (standard) keyboard.

Fourze GK60 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard no Numpad black

Fourze GK130 Gaming keyboard mechanical

The Fourze GK130 Gaming keyboard is a full size keyboard, ideally making space for all the essential keys. This feature is a plus if you are playing games that require tricky key combinations and still want to make your movements as smooth as possible. The keyboard also includes an anti-ghosting that allows you to press multiple keys at the same time without any problem. This would allow you to run diagonally and fire your weapon at the same time which is convenient for games who want to use strafing in their gaming techniques. 

 Fourze GK130 Gaming Keyboard mechanisch

As an esports gamer, buying products that can help improve your gaming performance through integrated features that allow you to feel like an esports pro gamer. Enjoy comfortable and effortless gaming with our gaming chairs and more! 

Need help with choosing the right gaming gears? Feel free to contact us via our chat, phone, and e-mail. Visit our contact page for the complete information! 

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